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One by one eyelash extensions course

The hottest trend in The Netherlands! It is a fixture in the beauty scene. For anybody working in the business or for anybody who wants to become a Lash eXtend professional.

Become a Lash eXtend professional?

To become a succesful eyelash stylist, a good foundation laid at Lash eXtend is key! During training theories will be discussed, application techniques will be learned, but we will also cover topics to teach you how to successfully start up your own salon. During training you will learn the one-by-one technique. These are individual eyelash extensions that are placed one after the other on the natural eyelash After completing your training, you can offer eyelash extensions placement as an extra service in your existing salon.

Day 1

  • 9:00 17:00
  • Theory
  • An introduction to Lash eXtend products
  • Lunch
  • Application techniques
  • Application of eyelash extensions on a mannequins head
  • Application of eyelash extensions on a model
  • Salonmanagement
  • Refill treatments

We offer the possibility to follow this course in 2 days. You will be trained in a group with a maximum of 6 persons. Similar to the 2 day training, the free training exam evening is included in the package.

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Day 3

Lash eXtend stands for quality. To ensure that you will be among the best lash stylists in The Netherlands with a Lash eXtend certificate, we have recently decided to add a third day to the training course. Only then we will award you with the certificate. Fot this extra night no extra charges will be added. After a 2 day eyelash extensions course or the 1 day private course, you can bring a model after two weeks. The idea is that you will practise as much as possible on models during this time.

During this night you will have to bring a model that already wears eyelash extensions so that we can practise a refill treatment. Please note that it has to be a model that you have treated yourself.

At the end of the night you will receive a certificate and we will answer any questions you might have.You can apply online on our website. Here you will find the available course dates in the coming months as well.

At the beginning of Day 1 you will receive a book that covers the general theory and a starter kit containing all the essentials needed for the course and materials for the first 50 to 75 new sets, so youre not required to buy any products, but you are free to do so. At the end of both training days there will be ample possibility for you to purchase products.

Starter kit content

  • Beauty case
  • Lash eXtend Theory Book
  • 2 vetus tweezers
  • Eyelash extensions trays C curl, J curl, B curl & D curl
  • Micro tape
  • Jade stone
  • Mini airblower (battery powered)
  • Gel eye pads
  • Soothing solution
  • Lash eXtreme bond
  • Lash eXtreme remover
  • Lash essence coating
  • Black mascara coating
  • Micro brushes
  • Mascara brushes
  • Primer

If you complete the training successfully at day 3, at the end of that day you will receive a Lash eXtend professional certificate.

At Lash eXtend you will be trained by skilled professionals having years of working experience in the eyelash industry and have had their training in Tuscon Arizona, Los Angeles, New York, and London. A group consists out of 6 students max en 2 teachers minimum.

The price for this course is €395- VAT excluded. This training provides a starter kit with a value of €250,- VAT excluded. With this kit you can supply 50 to 75 clients with a new set of lashes. Paying for the course in two instalments is possible as well.

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